True to its name, the Ford Maverick is an unconventional vehicle in many ways — unibody pickup, front-wheel-drive — but there’s one major, even more high concept way in which it’s unlike other cars. Ford wants owners to customize them, and has gone so far as to release specs encouraging them to 3D print their own accessories.

The guide Ford has released helps enterprising inventors create accessories for the Maverick’s FITS (Ford Integrated Tethering System). FITS utilizes a series of slots found at the rear of the Maverick’s center console and in its under-seat storage bins. You can slide anything into these slots, assuming they have the right connector.

Ford, of course, already sells several items that the FITS accepts, including a cable organizer, grocery bag hook, detachable cup holder, compartment divider and more.

However, Ford believes there are still more possibilities it hasn’t thought of. That’s why it’s giving away CAD files to help 3D printers design items. These also include a guide that contains exact dimensions for the areas surrounding the FITS slots so makers can be sure their creations fit.

In the past, automakers would have been happy to keep this information proprietary to make as much money from accessories as possible. By letting users make (and sell) their own accessories, Ford’s probably leaving some money on the table, but in return they’re fostering a community of creators that will be loyal to the brand.

We can see FITS appearing on other Ford products as well, and the more brains thinking about products that can benefit owners, the better. Aftermarket companies have been making accessories for decades, but why should they get to have all the fun? You can download the CAD files for the center console and storage bins at the Ford website.

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